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How to Fit Yoga in Your Workout Schedule

Dear Aunt Yoga,

I am a 58 year-old-woman. I have done yoga in the past and am getting ready to start back up. I also want to start back on my walking program. How should I coordinate the two in my weekly schedule? Is it too much to walk for 30 minutes and do yoga (gentle and chair) in the same day or should I alternate?


Dear Deb,

Your question gets to the heart of one of the primary challenges of being a householder yogi. How do we make time to fit in all the things we want to do (I include yoga and exercise here because, although they are good for our health and keep us sane, they are not putting the roof over our heads and dinner on the table) with all the things we have to do to keep our worlds running smoothly (full time employment, child rearing, errands errands errands etc.).

Setting a weekly schedule for your physical activities is an excellent idea. Consistency is key, whether it’s yoga or some other kind of workout. When things are left open ended, it’s easy to decide that exercise is not a priority on any given day. With a fairly fixed schedule, you train your body and mind to expect a certain routine and it becomes second nature.

Deciding on a schedule for the exercise routine you have proposed is mostly about time management. I tend to alternate days, doing a yoga class one day and cardio/strength training the next. However, a lot of that is because I don't have time to do both in the same day. If you have the time, I think doing 30 minutes of walking and then gentle yoga would be totally possible. Since you're just starting back up, you may want to ease into it by alternating for a few weeks and then give doing both in the same day a try.

Bravo on your commitment to bring yoga and walking back into your life!


Aunt Yoga

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